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Spring is almost here, and I don't know about you but I can not wait to re-decorate my home and garden! New kitchen towels and dish clothes, new cushions and rugs in brighter colours and even some new bathroom towels and bathmats. And, all of these products can be found on our website, which makes things even easier!

New cushion covers and rugs are the perfect way to transform your home from Winter to Spring and Summer. Have a look at all the different colours and find one perfect for your homes style! 

Linen dish clothes and kitchen towels- find the right colours to match your kitchen! 

And finally, cotton towels and bathmats to suit the other items in your bathroom at home.

So, why not have a look at all of these different sections now and find the perfect items to suit your home!

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It seems a lot of people are giving their homes an entrance makeover; we have had so many orders for letter plates, bell pushes and door numbers. There are a few products in particular that keep being purchased- what do you think of them?


These items are of excellent quality and will definitely impress anyone who visits your home. However, if you feel like being adventurous and want some products that will really stand out, these are right for you!


Why not explore our Entrance Section now? 




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I can not wait for the bank holiday weekend; 4 days off work, chocolate, and hopefully nice weather. But, I always find that when I am excited for something, the weeks before it seem to go incredibly slowly; a little surprise would definitely help pass the time! And, my problem has been solved as every order dispatched until the 29th March will have a little something extra included.

There are such a variety of different products available on Homebits. From bathroom shelves to door hinges; we have your whole house covered!


And do not forget that April is National Garden Month, so keep an eye out for discounts on our site. In the mean time, view all our garden products here.

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Does your hallway look like this?


I am ashamed to say, after a sweep of the downstairs floor, I gathered all of this (I am still unsure as to why there are baseball caps in that pile.). It has become an obstacle course, and  I am currently set to become a long jump champion if it remains that way! So, with the help of Google, I discovered a few products that can be purchased in order to stop this chaos, or at least prevent it as much as possible in a crazy family home.

If your hallway does not have much floor space, coat hooks are a great purchase. Here at Homebits, we have a selection of hooks that are very original and unusual.


Or if these do not appeal to you, why not invest in a coat stand?


However, after removing one problem, I found there to be another, shoes.


After just resolving one problem, I was not going to let this defeat me. So, I invested in a shoe rack.


Although buying these items has ruined my chances of becoming a long jumper, it is something I can definitely live with!

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Mothers day is an important day. Although you should always tell your mum how much you appreciate her, this is the one day that is dedicated to it. So, what would be an ideal gift for such an important day? Flowers are always a popular choice, with around one quarter of all flowers purchased throughout the year falling on this holiday. However this year I have decided to go for something different, so why don't you?

 If there's something I love, it has to be crisp, flavourful wine. This carafe is not only stylish but also aerates your wine; perfect for evenings and summer parties! And, for the morning after or while on the go, how about fresh fruit in water? The My Flavour Carafe is just what you need. And, both of these are great gift ideas.                                         


Nearly everyone has jewellery. I wish I had something I could hang my jewellery on that does not topple over, and means my chains are not twisted when I get them out of the drawer. And, I found a solution!


I am sure you will find something that your mum will love on Homebits, whether it be one of the ideas I have mentioned in this blog, or another fantastic product on the online shop.

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Do you not have a valentine's this year? Or do you hate the idea of celebrating it? If so, I have some good news for you- Pancake day is the day before. Who needs romance when you can tuck in to warm, buttery pancakes drizzled in maple syrup, nutella or sugar and lemon?  

In my opinion, nothing beats a fresh, fluffy, homemade pancake. Watching the beginners confidently ruin a perfect pancake through attempting the flip (we have all been that person, right?) and the experienced who had enough of scraping batter from the ceiling, using a spatula. So, what do you need to make a pancake? A mixing bowl, spoon, spatula and of course the frying pan!


Now you have the essentials for preparing and cooking the pancakes, why not serve your condiments in style with these?

And finally, we can't forget kitchen roll for after!

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