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Does your hallway look like this?


I am ashamed to say, after a sweep of the downstairs floor, I gathered all of this (I am still unsure as to why there are baseball caps in that pile.). It has become an obstacle course, and  I am currently set to become a long jump champion if it remains that way! So, with the help of Google, I discovered a few products that can be purchased in order to stop this chaos, or at least prevent it as much as possible in a crazy family home.

If your hallway does not have much floor space, coat hooks are a great purchase. Here at Homebits, we have a selection of hooks that are very original and unusual.


Or if these do not appeal to you, why not invest in a coat stand?


However, after removing one problem, I found there to be another, shoes.


After just resolving one problem, I was not going to let this defeat me. So, I invested in a shoe rack.


Although buying these items has ruined my chances of becoming a long jumper, it is something I can definitely live with!

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