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It's winter. It's freezing. So, I am assuming your heating is on full blast at home throughout the day. Something that I have found to be growing in popularity is underfloor heating. And, I can see why, it's fantastic! There is nothing better than getting in from the cold and my feet instantly feeling nice and warm.

It seems even Romans loved it as much as I do, with the very wealthy having underfloor heating their homes, villas and public baths. However, this was due to the fact their slaves kept a fire blazing in a furnace and the warm air travelled in the spaces under the floor and walls...

Also, I am sure Romans weren't too bothered about door stops. I do not want my underfloor heating and flooring ruined with holes in the floor from screws, and I don't want my doors hitting the walls and ruining the paintwork. (I don't think a single person in my house can open a door without it crashing against the wall)! So, while looking for solutions, I found these.

These door stops from Homebits are so easy to install and save both your floor and walls. You can even purchase extra self adhesive base plates, just in case. Such a clever idea!
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