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Mothers day is an important day. Although you should always tell your mum how much you appreciate her, this is the one day that is dedicated to it. So, what would be an ideal gift for such an important day? Flowers are always a popular choice, with around one quarter of all flowers purchased throughout the year falling on this holiday. However this year I have decided to go for something different, so why don't you?

 If there's something I love, it has to be crisp, flavourful wine. This carafe is not only stylish but also aerates your wine; perfect for evenings and summer parties! And, for the morning after or while on the go, how about fresh fruit in water? The My Flavour Carafe is just what you need. And, both of these are great gift ideas.                                         


Nearly everyone has jewellery. I wish I had something I could hang my jewellery on that does not topple over, and means my chains are not twisted when I get them out of the drawer. And, I found a solution!


I am sure you will find something that your mum will love on Homebits, whether it be one of the ideas I have mentioned in this blog, or another fantastic product on the online shop.

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