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Now that the weather is improving and we aren't having to wear 1000 layers, it's time for us to start hitting the gym and eating better. This would be easy if healthier food tasted better! I always find it to be very bland, and no where near as appetising as a nice juicy burger. However, I have found a solution that will hopefully help stop this!

Eva Solo My Flavour Dressing Shaker   

 This Eva Solo Dressing Shaker is perfect for mixing and shaking your own dressing for a salad, vegetables or for meat off the grill.
 The dressing shaker is extremely practical, and can be kept in the fridge so dressings are always ready to hand. Yet it is elegant enough to go on the table as a decorative piece of tableware. The dressing shaker has a wide opening, so it is easy to add ingredients to the flask. The lid provides a tight seal when dressings need shaking, while the 100% drip-free spout is perfect for drizzling home-made dressings over your dishes.

Eva Solo My Flavour Oil Carafe

The Eva Solo Oil Carafe features a removable skewer so you can add your own aromatic flavourings such as herbs, pieces of fruit and spices. The pouring lip on the oil carafe is 100% drip-free. 

So, with great items like this why not eat healthier and make some delicious meals at home!

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This lush weather really makes me want to be outside. BBQ's, picnics, wandering round garden centres... and then I discovered that April is national garden month! As I look out onto my messy, unloved garden, I realise I need some nice products to jazz it up. And, then I saw that there are some fantastic garden products available on Homebits. And, to celebrate national garden month, all of them are discounted by 5%! And, this offer doesn't just last a day, it lasts until the end of the month!

Here are a few of my favourite garden products available to purchase on Homebits:


So, with fantastic products like this discounted for the whole month, why not visit our Garden Section now and see all the different products we have available!

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Have you seen our new Lighting section on our website? With stunning Lamps and Pendants from Menu and From The Anvil, you are sure to find the perfect product to match your homes style. Here are a few of my personal favourites!


Go on, visit our Lighting Section to view these and other fantastic, unique and contemporary light fittings!

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Spring is almost here, and I don't know about you but I can not wait to re-decorate my home and garden! New kitchen towels and dish clothes, new cushions and rugs in brighter colours and even some new bathroom towels and bathmats. And, all of these products can be found on our website from the designer brand Blomus, which makes things even easier!

New cushion covers and rugs are the perfect way to transform your home from Winter to Spring and Summer. Have a look at all the different colours and find one perfect for your homes style! 

Linen dish clothes and kitchen towels- find the right colours to match your kitchen! 

And finally, cotton towels and bathmats to suit the other items in your bathroom at home.

So, why not have a look at all of these different sections now and find the perfect items to suit your home!

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It seems a lot of people are giving their homes an entrance makeover; we have had so many orders for letter plates, bell pushes and door numbers. There are a few products in particular that keep being purchased- what do you think of them?


These items are of excellent quality and will definitely impress anyone who visits your home. However, if you feel like being adventurous and want some products that will really stand out, these are right for you!


Why not explore our Entrance Section now? 




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I can not wait for the bank holiday weekend; 4 days off work, chocolate, and hopefully nice weather. But, I always find that when I am excited for something, the weeks before it seem to go incredibly slowly; a little surprise would definitely help pass the time! And, my problem has been solved as every order dispatched until the 29th March will have a little something extra included.

There are such a variety of different products available on Homebits. From bathroom shelves to door hinges; we have your whole house covered!


And do not forget that April is National Garden Month, so keep an eye out for discounts on our site. In the mean time, view all our garden products here.

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