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Why do you only sell to the certain countries?

We already sell our products worldwide but due to the carrier agreements that we have in place some of these cannot be automated on-line; so if you are one of these countries and want to purchase any of our products, please send us an e-mail via our CONTACT PAGE.

Why are your carriage charges to the USA and Canada so high as the item that I want cannot cost that much to ship to me?

For shipping to these zones, where you feel that this might be the case. Send us an e-mail listing your requirements and we can calculate this more accurately. However, please note that this transaction would not be automated on our site and we would need you to confirm your card details verbally.

I am interested in buying some of your products but cannot make my mind up before I see them. If I was to buy a few as samples what happens if they are not suitable and I want to return them?

All we ask is that you send them back to us at your own expense by recorded delivery (proof of postage not accepted) and we will refund the value of the items returned in full less the postage paid initially.

How can I see all of your handles or products grouped together?

Enter "handle" or specific keyword into the search box and you will get the complete list.

Will I be able to fit these handles myself?

We would recommend that you take advice from a qualified joiner although it is quite easy for you to fit if you are replacing existing ones but you may need to upgrade the mechanism in your door if you are using handles that are un-sprung to avoid the handles from drooping.

What is a backset?

This is the measurement from the edge of the door to the centre of the handle.

What do you mean by centres?

This is the measurement between the centre of the two holes in the rose (the plate that fixes the handle to the door).

What is a WC deadbolt?

This is similar to the latch but has a bolt which comes out from the unit to lock the door, which is operated by the snib turn and release that we can also supply with this deadbolt. The release has a slot on the outside which allows you to unlock the door from outside, with a coin or screwdriver, in the event of someone locking themselves in.

Why do you mention that door handles are sprung and un-sprung and what does this mean?

Nowadays it is possible to get handles that have integral spring assistance which make these ideal for use on doors where you have an existing latch or lock and simply want to retrofit a new handle. Older latches or locks do not always have a strong spring inside the mechanism and as such they may not be strong enough to stop the handle from drooping if you use un-sprung lever handles.

If you are buying a new mechanism and want to use one of our un-sprung lever handles it is important that you ask your supplier to provide you with these that are strongly sprung for un-sprung furniture to prevent this from happening in the future.

What soap should I use in your dispensers?

The heavy duty pump does not like thick or granular soap. As a rule, the thinner the liquid the better. You can always dilute the soap with water if it is too thick.

How secure is your showerclean suction hanging hook?

This is a high quality product and the suction attachment is very good. It can be fitted with a dab of silcone sealant under the cup for an even stronger fix.

Do you supply glass or mirrors with your holders?

We do not supply glass or mirrors for these holders as we do not know how you want to use them; therefore we suggest that you source them locally and make a note of the glass thickness that these holders can work with.

What do you mean by brushed stainless steel?

This is the same as satin stainless steel where the finish is matt as opposed to polished, which can also be referred to as bright or mirror.

How weather proof is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is one of the most resistant metals known. Best 316 marine quality stainless steel as the name suggests is used in boat building and as you would imagine stands up to weathering very well.

What do you mean by unlacquered brass?

Most polished brass products have an applied clear protective coating, or lacquer, which serves to keep the polished finish bright. As our brass is unlacquered it will require regular cleaning with a propriety brass cleaner otherwise overtime it will tarnish.

Why do you generally number your cabinet handles by their centres?

Most kitchen manufacturers use these standard measurements when pre-drilling their cabinet door faces. We quote this size as this will allow you to identify the correct handle should you wish to replace those that are already existing and retrofit ours.

How do I clean stainless steel or polished chrome?

There are many specialist cleaners on the market but in our experience a good clean with soapy water and a soft cloth should be enough. Microfibre clothes are also a good way to polish. You must never use abrasives otherwise you will damage the finish, whether it is polished or brushed.

Also, you must never use an industrial cleaner which can leave a deposit on the material, which over time can give the appearance that the product has rusted. This is due to the fluid leaving a micro-layer on the stainless steel which reacts with moisture and inturn oxidises to leave brown "rust-like" deposits which can be removed by buffing but left for too long this becomes harder to achieve and therefore we recommend regular maintenance.