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Decorate your front entrance in style with these exclusive homebits stainless steel accessories. 

We offer rectangular, round and even square bell pushes produced in marine grade 316 brushed stainless steel. These can be matched with our similar quality stainless steel door numbers and letters which are available in 6 sizes, not forgetting those from Formani, Marcus Heritage Brass, Serafini and From the Anvil.
Our stainless steel letter plates, as used by Urban Front on their doors add to the look and we also offer heavy duty front entrance door locks, door knobs and door pull handles.
We also supply a variety of wall mounted mail post boxes again in stainless steel and colour finishes or for that added attention to detail designer stainless steel door knockers. 
Also for your front door, we offer grade 316 stainless steel symbols and signs, a home for your keys with our holders and key boxes and door wedges. Homebits can offer these and so much more.

Bell Push

Grade 316 Bell Pushes
Choosing a bell push is an important part of designing the overall look of your door surrounding. Our bell pushes are available in various designs and finishes to suit your style. 

Pull Handles

Entrance pull handle
The right door handle will enhance the look of your door. Pull Handles are commonly used on heavier doors making them effortless to open and close. Our Pull Handles are available in various designs, lengths and finishes to suit your style. 

Knobs and Knockers

From the Anvil Centre door knob
Door knobs and knockers are often found in heritage schemes, generally ornate making them a stand out feature of your door. From traditional aged finishes to polished chrome our knobs and knockers are available in various designs to suit your style. 

Letter Plates 

From the Anvil letter plate
Whether you are updating an exisiting door design or deciding on a new letter plate our letter plates are available in various designs and finishes to compliment and stylishly finish your door design. 

Letters and Numbers 

Formani Letters and numbers
An essential aspect of your door design and an important element to complete the look.  Whether your style is contemporary, traditional, victorian or modern our letters and numbers are available in various designs, finishes and sizes to complement your design. 

Mail Boxes 

Serafini mail box
A mailbox is a perfect solution where you do not want to have a letter plate. Durable, weatherproof, free standing and wall mounted our range of mail boxes available in various designs and finishes to compliment and provide the finishing touch to your design.