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AGB Magnetic Latch/Bathroom Lock

(Code: IF941010AM)
AGB Magnetic Latch/Bathroom Lock

Matt Chrome magnetic mortice flush-mounted latch/bathroom lock, with no protusions on the lock front as you would normally see with a standard latch offers silent closing where the bolt is automatically engaged into the minimal strike plate when closed

By depressing the lever handle the latch retracts into the casing and therefore sits perfectly flush with the forend face plate/door leading edge.

Using a bathroom turn and release (8mm standard or 5mm ones can be used with a converter) when rotated disengages the lever handles so they do not operate the latch . If using as a latch only please ensure that no hole is drilled for the bottom square follower.

Suitable for FD30 doors when used in conjunction with intumescent

60mm Backset
8mm Followers
96mm Centres