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ARGENTA NEO S-5 3D Concealed/Invisible Hinge

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ARGENTA NEO S-5 3D Concealed/Invisible Hinge
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ARGENTA NEO S-5 3D Concealed/Invisible Hinge

The Argenta Invisible NEO is a series of hinges with an exceptionally high and sublime finish: Not a single screw is visible. You can adjust these hinges with precision easily, flexibly, and quickly, thanks to the built-in height-adjustment system. This unique system means you no longer need to put any wedges under the door to set the height. The hinge casing is the door can be assembled beforehand in the workshop.

Pure and qualitative design

No visible screws

Universal: For Left and Right hand opening doors "Easy-Hook": Installation and 3D adjustable by one person

Extra simplified height adjustment: No wedge required

180 Degree opening angle 3D adjustable (height, width, and depth) without taking the door off

120mm Long x 25mm Wide
Door Thickness: min. 33 mm
Door Weight (2 pcs) : up to 60kg
Door Weight (3 pcs) : up to 80kg
Height Adjustment: -2,5 / +2,5 mm
Width Adjustment: -3,0 / +4,0 mm
Depth Adjustment: -1,0 / +1,0mm
Fire Resistant: EI30 3 hinges required
Screw Diameter: max. 4.5mm

There are two versions available for selection - Non-fire rated and fire rated to suit FD30 fire doors (with integrated intumescent kit where three hinges must be fitted) which can be selected via the drop down.

Please note that these are sold singly

Matt Chrome
Glossy Chrome
Satin Stainless Steel Look
Black Umber
Tar Black
Classic Bronze
Dark Bronze
Polished Brass
Matt White