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Everyone in your household has to use the bathroom at some point during the day. And, the more people there are in your home, the more toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner and soap you get through, meaning more bottles in the shower. There are a number of things that really irritate me, such as empty bottles in the shower, the toilet seat being left up, the last person not flushing, and there being no toilet roll, however there isn't much that can be done to resolve those problems other than constantly nag, so, I thought it best to try and tackle the empty bottles in the shower.

I didn't realise that a dispenser could be the solution to my problem! With some dispensers, you can see the amount of liquid left; so there is no getting into the shower to realise there is no shampoo. You can even get double or triple dispensers, to hold all your different products. The dispensers also come with labels, so others know what is in what compartment. Also, I found I saved a ton of money because only a small amount of the liquid comes out at once.


These dispensers are incredibly easy to install, and will mean that empty bottles are nothing more than a bad memory. Secondly, all our dispensers come with a lifetime pump guarantee, and replacement parts are available to purchase from our site, should you need them.

And, while I was seeing all the different dispensers available on Homebits, I found a number of spare toilet roll holders that prevent another problem; having no toilet paper.


So now I have managed to find solutions for two things that really annoy me, all that is left to do is find a gadget that automatically flushes and lowers the toilet seat! Or, perhaps a sign to remind people? We will see.

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