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Corston 3G Dimmer Switch

(Code: CN3552AB)
Corston 3G Dimmer Switch

Our class leading dimmer switches use digital technology which means they give amazing performance. They are suitable for either LED or incandescent, sensing the bulb type. The switch is tremendously tactile with short travel on/off, and turns with satisfying notches.

All hardware is machined from solid brass which gives a superb level of detail and weight.  The plate is pressed from 1.5mm solid brass sheet, designed to sit extremely flush against the wall.

Suitable for one way on their own, or multi way dimming by using Corston Retractive switch. See instructions (available on request) on the various ways that multiple lights, dimmers and switches can be combined. The dimmers produce a soft, gradual, brightness as you turn, and the minimum lighting level is easily set. The modern digital technology ensures that the operation is totally silent.

Digital dimming technology.


All dimmers have built in thermal and short circuit protection.

Incandescent bulbs 10-350W.

Minimum brightness can be set, which avoids any bulb flicker.

Trailing or leading edge dimming control. Trailing edge is the default setting and is recommended to prolong LED life.

Soft start operation which protects the bulbs.

Very flexible for multi switch operation. Use a Corston Retractive switch for this use.

Two dimmers cannot be combined to control the same light. Use a retractive toggle switches in combination with a dimmer switch.

Corston recommend a 35-45mm deep back box.

IEC EN60669 Compliant.

LED bulbs 3-250W.

86mm Square
18mm Dimmer Height

Antique Brass
Clear/Antique Brass