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Corston 3G Toggle Switch

(Code: CN0144AB)
Corston 3G Toggle Switch

Inspired by the timeless dolly switch, this pared back toggle is a contemporary take on a classic design. These switches not only provide character to a property but also give a really satisfying click.

All hardware is machined from solid brass which gives a superb level of detail and weight. The plate is also pressed from 1.5mm solid brass sheet.

Three switch types are available; Normal two-way, a Retractive switch and a Intermediate switch option. Retractive switches should be used when on the same circuit as Corston dimmers. They can also be used for momentary applications like door bell switches. An intermediate switch is a three way light switch. It is used when you have three or more switches controlling one light.

Normal two-way toggle switches can be installed as 1-way or 2-way operation.

Retractive modules can be installed with Corston dimmers in many multi-gang configurations.

Intermediate Light Switch is where 3 lighting points control the same circuit.

Switches rated to 20A.

20AX 250V.

Complies with BSEN60669-1.

All hardware is made from brass, for very precise detail.

The switch plate sits 1.5mm from the wall.

Secured with a metal ring without visible tool marks.

Metal die-cast chassis.

Corston recommend a 35-45mm mounting box.

86mm Square
16mm Toggle Height

Antique Brass
Clear/Antique Brass