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Corston Fulham Adjustable Spotlight

(Code: CN3613P)
Corston Fulham Adjustable Spotlight

Beautifully discreet, this plaster spotlight is fully paintable, so that it will blend into the ceiling without any visible joins. Fulham is a fixed spotlight; when grouped together they will create beautiful, atmospheric pools of light. To reduce glare this spotlight has been designed to be slightly recessed into the ceiling.

Cleverly designed, we have included a low bracket which will seperate insulation from the light fitting. Due to its small size, this spotlight will be able to fit into smaller voids that are often found in modern houses.

The light fitting is not offered with IP rating or fire rating. Check if your installation location requires this.
Drill ceiling hole with a 127mm hole saw.

The bulb can be angled up to 20 degrees from vertical in any direction.

64mm Apature Diameter
130mm Height with Bracket
70mm Height with Bracket