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EVA SOLO Active Drinking Bottle

(Code: ES505020)
£ 30.00
EVA SOLO Active Drinking Bottle

Sometimes a normal drinking bottle is not enough. Either because you need extra liquid during an intense spinning session, or because your drinking bottle has to be particularly robust to withstand the rigours of a fishing trip or climbing expedition. Eva Solo is now launching a new designer bottle for fresh water, and which is thus bigger than the existing Eva Solo water bottles. The Active bottle helps you to protect both the environment and save money by using the same bottle again and again.

As for the design, it is raw and robust and reminiscent of a field bottle. The bottle has a handy silicone strap in the lid, so itís easy to take with you on the go, whether youíre going training or on a hiking trip. And you donít have to worry about any leaks, as the bottle is guaranteed 100% watertight.

Made of stainless steel with a silicone lid and strap.

0.7Litre Volume


Steel Blue
Warm Grey
Berry Red
Eucalyptus Green