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EVA SOLO Bird Feeder Tube

(Code: ES571043)
£ 38.00
Eva Solo Bird Feeder Tube

We love listening to the sound of garden birds singing and chirping away outside, so of course we must make sure they get the food they need especially during the winter. The new bird feeder tube from Eva Solo is a simple, discreet and modern take on the traditional bird food dispenser.

The tube is easy to suspend from a branch or overhang, and the small birds will soon find out how to land and perch on the edge of the opening to take their fill. The feeder tube is easy to dismantle, is made of frost proof glass and silicone which is dishwasher safe, and comes with a 120 mm stainless steel hanging wire.

Typically innovative Eva Solo design, it beautifully complements the rest of Eva Solo’s comprehensive Outdoor range.

290mm High
70mm Diameter
120mm Long (Steel Wire)