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EVA SOLO Bird Table

(Code: ES571039)
Eva Solo Bird Table

The small birds in your garden are both beautiful and a joy to watch. If you make an effort to feed them all year, they will always stay in the vicinity. Now you can make them feel even more welcome with an attractive, organic bird table which almost floats above the ground while adding a decorative touch to your garden.

Eva Solo is now launching an updated version of its popular bird table. The bird table is still made of hand-blown glass and plastic, but its design is even more beautiful and unique. The table functions as a food dispenser which keeps the bird food dry until it is taken, and always ensures there is something to eat for the fluttering birds, even when you are on holiday.

The bird table is dishwasher safe.



2L Volume
1120mm High (Spike)
215 x 138mm Diameter