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EVA SOLO Cook N Time Thermometer

(Code: ES567763)
」 70.00
Eva Solo Cook N Time Thermometer

We love multifunctional products, and from the outset Eva Solo has excelled at designing practical tools and neat gadgets. Cook誰 Time is no exception. Smart and discreet, the small round multi-tool boasts no less than three different functions: The clock is indispensable in a kitchen, and the display shows the current time of day.

The cooking thermometer is an extremely useful kitchen aid. Connect the accompanying probe to Cook誰 Time, press the base of the display and set the timer by turning the aluminium ring.

Cook誰 Time has pre-defined temperatures for medium rare rare or well done roasts, for example.

And as a new feature, Cook誰 Time also displays the melting temperature for chocolate for the perfect tempering ofchocolate for your cakes and confectionery.

Cook誰 Time can also be hung on the oven door.


27mm/65mm Diameter
95mm Diameter