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EVA SOLO FireGlobe Gas Grill

(Code: ES571405)
EVA SOLO FireGlobe Gas Grill

The design of the new sculptural FireGlobe gas grill made from black enamelled steel with aluminium legs and Bakelite handles is simple and elegant, and of course features the ingenious details that you would expect from an Eva Solo product. With three individual burners, it is easy to regulate the heat you need for cooking. The grill can be used as a fan oven when covered by the accompanying dome lid with integrated thermometer.

The design of the grill acts as a windshield, which is a practical feature in windy conditions. The three legs ensure stability, while the integrated hand hole that provides ventilation when grilling never becomes hot during use, which makes it easy to move the cold grill once the food is ready. The lid can be hung from the carrying hole, and the legs can be removed when the grill is not in use so that it takes up a minimum of space in the garden shed. So every detail has been considered.

When the FireGlobe gas grill is not in use, it is a good idea to protect it from the elements, and the tailor-made cover in black water-resistant, durable plastic is easy to put on and take off. Everyone will also probably agree that gas bottles are not a pretty sight, so we also supply a black plastic cover for that. The cover has a zipper at the top for easy operation of the gas bottle. The length of the water-resistant cover can also be adjusted to fit both 5 kg and 10 kg gas bottles.



Gas Grill

1040mm High
6804mm Wide
580mm Diameter Cooking Surface