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EVA SOLO Gas Grill

(Code: ES571306)
Evasolo Gas Grill

Gas grills have found a place in many gardens and on many patios. Unfortunately, they are sometimes not particularly attractive because the gas bottles remain visible. The Eva Solo gas version of the award winning barrel grill is probably the most elegant and simple gas grill on the market.In addition to its stylish good looks, the gas grill is also extremely functional and easy to use. It has been specially developed for grill enthusiasts who value original design and good quality. Here, there are no compromises, only exclusive details.

The grill has three adjustable burners so you can individually vary the temperature depending on whether you are cooking meat, fish or vegetables. Another nice touch which emphasises the exclusive design is the fact that the gas bottle is concealed inside the grill. This is design at its best, making the gas grill a beautiful object to have standing on the patio or in the garden. The gas grill comes with a unique dome lid which transforms it into a convection oven. When not in use, place the flat lid on top of the gas grill to create a smart patio side table it is almost a garden sculpture in itself. When not in use, the lid neatly hangs on the side of the grill. With an Eva Solo gas grill, you are guaranteed perfect and tasteful barbecues.



590mm Diameter