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EVA SOLO Globe Watering Can

(Code: E568308)
£ 48.00
EVA SOLO Globe Watering Can

Eva Solo has designed a watering can which is easy to fill and use – and which also looks good. Thenew watering can has a completely unique round shape with an eye-catching handle. But that’s not all.

A lot of priority has also been given to functionality – so no more struggling to fill the watering can inthe sink or from the tap. It can easily be filled through a hole in the side, either from a tap or from thegarden hose.And then when watering, you can – withouthaving to search for accessories – simply turnthe specially designed spout to produce either astream of water or a shower for your plants.

Thecan holds a generous 9 litres of water, whichenables you to water more plants before refilling.Perfect for the garden, living room, patio orbalcony.

Made of plastic with stainless steel ring. 


9L Volume