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EVA SOLO Nordic Kitchen Black Kitchen Roll Holder

(Code: ES520417)
EVA SOLO Nordic Kitchen Black Kitchen Roll Holder

The holder is made of stainless steel with a stylish butt leather strap which makes it easy to carry the kitchen roll from room to room.

As with all other Eva Solo products, considerable though has gone into the design. The base of the holder is extra heavy and rubber-coated to ensure that the holder sites securely on the surface when you need to tear off a sheet of tissue. The rubber coating also protects dining tables or kitchen surfaces from scratches.

The stand is dried with a cloth.
On the leather strap one should avoid the use of cleaning agents and sharp objects. If cleaning is needed, use boiled water with natural quality soap sponge chips - whip 2-3 tablespoons of soap chips in 1 litre of water and use only the foam. Apply the foam with a soft cloth, allow it to dry and dry thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth.

234mm High (Excluding leather strap)
134mm Diameter