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EVA SOLO Nordic Kitchen Timer

(Code: ES520418)
EVA SOLO Nordic Kitchen Timer

If you need a new and particularly stylish gadget for your kitchen, explore the wide range of functional kitchen gadgets in the Nordic kitchen series. For example the Nordic kitchen timer with its solid oak knob - so minutely in the vein of contemporary Nordic design with a non-slip rubber base to make sure that is always sits securely on the worktop. The figures are easy to read, and operation is simple. First turn the top round to 60 minutes and then back to the desired time.

Since wood is a living and organic material, natural variations may occur. Oil regularly to preserve the oak. If the wood feels rough with time, Eva Solo recommend sanding down the dry surface using very fine sandpaper. Then oil the wood to protect it.

The time is easy and quick to clean with a damp cloth.

65mm High
90mm Diameter