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EVA SOLO Rain Gauge 2

(Code: E571038)
£ 89.95
Eva Solo Rain Gauge 2

In recent years, Eva Solo has launched a wide range of products for the garden which are all characterised by their superior functionality and high quality design. From the outset, the rain gauge has been a strong product in the Outdoor collection, and is now being relaunched in a new and improved design.

With the Eva Solo Rain gauge, you can now keep track o f how much rain has fallen without marring the overall visual appeal of your garden. In fact, the sleek, sculptural look of the rain gauge will further underline any stylishly designed outdoor area. It beautifully supplements Eva Solo’s existing garden pro ducts which, among other things, include bird tables and bird feeders. It is straightforward to empty, and is frost proof, so it does not need to be brought in for the winter. The rain gauge is dishwasher safe.

Replacement parts available via the drop-down menu


60ml Volume
116mm High
127mm Glass Diameter