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EVA SOLO Selfwatering Pot

(Code: ES568161)
EVA SOLO Selfwatering Pot

The new, hanging flowerpot is beautiful and decorative and also makes it extremely easy to keepplants. You no longer need to remember to water your plant all the time or decide how little or howmuch water it requires, as nylon wicks in the bottom of the upper pot allow the plant to draw up thewater it needs from the water reservoir in the bottom pot. In other words, the plant waters itself.No more plants drying out or being over-wateredas long as you occasionally add water using thesmart watering channel in the plant insert.

The simple Nordic flowerpot is made of mattstoneware with a smart leather hanging cord. Itis available in the colours Nordic grey and Chalkwhite two beautiful and subtle shades that donot steal the attention from the plant.

Made of stoneware and plastic with nylon wicks andleather cord. 


160mm High
150mm Wide

Nordic Grey
Clay White