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EVA SOLO Sunlight Spear

(Code: ES571338)
Evasolo Sunlight Spear

Eva Solo has successfully integrated the solar cells into the design of the SunLight lamp so that the solar panel is completely concealed.This makes the lamp far more attractive to look at and a much more decorative feature in the garden and on the patio.The lamp is also available as a table lamp.

Position one or more lamps beside the garden path or around the garden to help you find your way in the dark. During the day the lamp soaks up the sun so that it can light up the dark at night. After a day in full sunshine, the lamp will provide up to 20 hours of illumination, depending on the weather conditions when the lamp was charging. The lamp features an on/off switch and a smart auto function for setting it to automatically switch on and off. The lamp is the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious consumer who is looking for CO2 friendly products, and who also appreciates design and functionality.

The SunLight solar cell lamp is made of frosted glass, while the spike is made of ano-dised aluminium. The lamp is frost proof and can therefore be left outdoors all year round. The lamp comes with a 15,000 hour LED bulb and a lithium battery.

240mm High