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EVA SOLO Tea Tower

(Code: ES567407)
EVA SOLO Tea Tower

The new Eva Solo tea tower has three storeys for storing different types of tea and adds a deco-rativetouch to any table.

People usually keep their different teas in several different jars or tins. This is no longer necessary withthe new tea tower, which features three distinct compartments on top of one another for storingseveral different teas. It ensures optimum storing of different tea varieties be-cause each compartmentis separated by an aroma-proof ring.Tea can be stored in each of the compartments asloose leaf tea or teabags.

The tea tower is distinguishedby its simple and aesthetic design, so inaddition to being the perfect storage solution, itis ideal for taking to the table, where one of thecompartments can even be used for used teabagsor tea eggs.

The lid and the rings are made of silicone

220mm High
110mm Diameter
Each compartment holds 100 g of loose tea