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EVA SOLO Wine Cooler

(Code: ES567475)
£ 27.00
Eva Solo Wine Cooler

Lukewarm rosé or white wine will put a dampener on any party, but in the baking sun, it is hard to keep wine cool. That is, if you donít have the Eva Solo StayCool wine cooler to hand. StayCool is made of nylon with freezer gel on the inside, and can be kept in the freezer so it is always ready for use, also because it folds away flat, it does not take up unnecessary space.

The elastic side cords add a humorous twist to StayCool, while ensuring that StayCool sits snugly around any bottle. The wine cooler will keep wine cold for up to two hours. So slip on the StayCool and go out onto the patio or into your garden, or head off to the beach or into the woods, and enjoy beautifully chilled wine this summer.

155mm High