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EVA TRIO Professional Large Frying Pan

(Code: ET204728)
EVA TRIO Professional Large Frying Pan

Become a master chef in your own kitchen. While the new frying pan is designed for professionals, we lesser mortals can also use it. The frying pan is made of cast aluminium with a 10mm base, a 7mm side and a 10mm wire handle. Consequently, the pan can withstand almost anything. The design of the new frying pan resembles the original Eva Trio pans with the characteristic handle, which allows the pan to be hung from a hook on the wall. Functionally, it distributes the heat effectively, so you never need to worry again about moving the meatballs around the ensure they are evenly cooked.

The main difference is the new and unique nonstick Slip-Let coating, which is extremely robust and lasts three to five times longer than standard non-stick materials. Eva Trio guarantees this, and therefore offers a five-year warranty on the frying pan coating and a 25-year guarantee that the pan will retain its shape without the base warping. Even when placed in an oven at 260 degrees.

280mm Diameter