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FANTOM Door Stop

FANTOM Clear Door Stop

Flush mounted magnetic doorstop with hold-open function. The Fantom doorstop system provides a high quality innovative solution for all project application requirements.

A flush mounted pin alleviates trip hazards whilst maintaining a modern desirable finish. Concealed rare-earth magnet technology ensures exceptional mechanical functionality.

The standard Fantom doorstop comes with a steel pin and N66 nylon striker plate. This combination is for all purpose use with high durability and smooth functionality. This is also the preferred combination for solid core doors due to its performance under weighted testing.

N33 Magnet
Nylon striker plate (no lip)
2x stainless steel screws
Steel Pin - nickel plated
Floor sleeve
Installation instructions

Also available to purchase from the drop-down menu is an installation kit required to install the Fantom Doorstop.

24mm Spade Bit (~1 inch)
14mm Spade Bit (~.55 inch)
2.5mm Timber Bit (~.01 inch)
Clean-Out Brush Phillips Head Bit