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Door hardware
Formani Timeless Lever handles
formani timeless lever handles

Formani Timeless Lever Handle Collection

The Formani TIMELESS collection is a comprehensive hardware series that exudes authenticity. As the name suggests, these timeless pieces have stood the test of time and draw inspiration from the period spanning 1815 to 1950, where each model is named after the year it was fashioned, adding a touch of historical significance.

Some handles are inspired by the German Bauhaus movement, including those by Ludwig Wittgenstein, the 1921,Ferdinand Kramer, the 1925,Wilhelm Wagenfeld, the 1927 and Walter Gropius, the 1930.

Beyond door handles, the TIMELESS series also includes window and cabinet hardware, as well as complementary accessories. These classic pieces feature authentic flat rosettes and escutcheons using vintage-design slotted screws secure them in place.

The brass base material sometimes complemented by ebony is available in satin and polished nickel and unlacquered brass.

If you’re passionate about details and appreciate timeless elegance, the TIMELESS collection awaits your exploration. Whether it’s classic door handles, pull handles, or window handles and espagnolette bolts, you’ll discover a curated selection that bridges the past and present.