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From the Anvil Band and Spike Hinge

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From the Anvil Band and Spike Hinge
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From the Anvil Band and Spike Hinge

When opened a tee hinge has the appearance of a letter 'T'. An alternative to butt hinges, tee hinges are usually used in conjunction with a suffolk latch on traditional plank doors.

The external beeswax is unique to From the Anvil and is manufactured from an anti-corrosive beeswax which is salt tested to 480 hours. It had a matt richness and similarly to the standard beeswax the depth of colour ranges from blue to deep red ochre.

The blacksmith tee hinges are hammered into shape from mild steel using the traditional manufacturing method of an anvil and fire.

Band is hinges on a pin which is driven into fixture using the spike. Drill a series of pilot holes to fix the spike.

Suitable for heavy doors and gates.

Please note that these are sold singly and supplied with matching wood screws.


610mm Overall Length
582mm Hinge Arm Length
190mm Spike Overall
158mm Spike Length
102mm Pin Overall
15mm Pin Diameter

External Beeswax