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Genwec ABS Jumbo Roll Dispenser

(Code: GW0319WH)
Jumbo Roll Dispenser

The industrial hygienic paper dispenser is made up of a cover and a support that are attachable to a wall. The cover is made in ABS thermoplastic and it includes a content viewer on the front in transparent ABS thermoplastic. The wall mount is made in AISI 304 stainless steel with a grey finish. The paper is replaced by inserting a key in the slot on the top of the dispenser and turning it 90 in order to lift the cover. The type of paper used is a 250/300Mm roll. The 48 mm diameter spool has an extractable ABS thermoplastic part that allows adjusting the spool to a diameter of 73 mm, helping in a smoother rotation of the roll when extracting paper. It is fixed to the wall by means of 3 screws, with universal wall plugs for brick walls, located on the product's wall mount.

281mm High
271mm Wide
130mm Projection