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Genwec Hair Dryer

(Code: GW0203WH)
Hair Dryer

Pistol-type hot air hair dryer with wall mount. Both the mount and the hair dryer are made in white ABS plastic. The mount is fixed to the wall with two screws, for which two holes need to be drilled in the wall using a 6 mm drill bit. On the front of the hair dryer mount, there is a main switch with an indicator light and two shaver sockets, a 110V flat pin and the other a 230V round or flat pin. On the front of the pistol-type handle, there is a switch with three positions: C minimum flow/cold air, 1 minimum flow/hot air and 2 maximum flow/hot air.

To use the hair dryer continuously, the spring push button located on the back of the handle must be pressed and held down. This stops the hair dryer from being switched on accidentally.


280mm High
240mm Wide
150mm Projection