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Designer Bathroom Fittings
Homebits' range of Hairdryer Holders
contemporary bathroom fittings


Keep your bedroom, salon or hotel room tidy with a hairdyer holder; our selection of hygenic stainless steel hair dryer holders from Blomus are suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Salon owners often buy matching stainless steel hooks from us for ladies or gents to hang up their bags where they are sitting.

How about a nice stainless steel tissue box cover to finish off the look?

If you want other Holders in  Stainless Steel, we have  Toilet Roll Holders, Toothbrush Holders, Door Holders, Shelf Holders, Mirror Holders and to finish it off we also have some really nice Candle Holders. Every item in here will help you to design your ideal bathroom. If you need any help in choosing your Contemporary Bathroom Accessories, do not hesitate to call us at 01628 551855.

For a commercial setting we also have a Genwec Wall Support White Hair Dryer in its own wall holder as well as other Genwec Commercial Hairdryers.

Looking for new Door Handles? We also provide you with a full range of Design Lever Handles or Design Knobs plus Design Cabinet Fittings to complete the project  If you are looking for exterior Home Hardware, we also supply a wide range of Front Door Fittings.