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JNF Double action 200kgs sprung pivot hinge set

(Code: IF92052140)
JNF Double action 200kgs pivot set

The JNF CAM system double action power adjustable hydraulic heal pivot set is suitable for timber doors weighing upto 200kgs/3000mm wide/4000mm high and with a minimum 40mm thickness which is adjustable +/- 3mm and also 4 degrees. The rotation position of the door can be from 40mm to the centre of the door, with installation being made at the top of the door, which allows the doors to go upto the ceiling.

The pivot can rotate through 120 degrees with an adjustable closing speed 110-15 degresss (at the edge of the door) and adjustable soft closing within the last 15 degrees.

The stainless steel covered floor plate is fixed to the floor with 4 x 30mm deep fixings and the top pivot depth into the frame is 23mm with the top plate being 80mm long x 25mm wide.