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MENU Mindum Shoe Horn

(Code: ME3750039)
£ 44.95
MENU Mindum Shoe Horn

Throughout history there are countless examples of shoehorns whereby the handle is elaboratelyembellished, starkly in contrast with the clean utilitarian look of the actual ‘horn’ end.With this in mind, Nick Ross created a design where the contrast between the decoratedhandle and the functional ‘horn’ end was stripped down to its bare minimum. The outcomeis a product that contains two surface treatments, with the surface of the handle acting asthe object’s decoration and the ‘horn’ end remaining polished as to glide along more easily.Treated in a variety of finishes (in contrast to the horn end), the handle’s surface can bebrushed, sandblasted or patinated, offering a multitude of styles.

Ideal to be hung on a wall, it will be at arm’s length from where shoes are put on in the hallwayof a home. Minimal, elegant and comfortable to hold and use, the Shoehorn’s function is toelevate the experience of putting on shoes with ease and a touch of flair.

340mm High
45mm Wide
10mm Thick

Brushed Stainless Steel/Polished Stainless Steel