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Wireworks Wooden Bathroom Accessories

Wireworks, founded in London in 1988, is a design company that crafts exquisite furniture, storage solutions, and accessories. Their philosophy extends beyond mere product design; they create complete experiences that resonate with users.

Wireworks takes pride in the craft element present in every piece they create. From shaping and forming during production to the tactile experience when using their products, attention to detail is paramount. Their designs are made from sustainable FSC and SFI sourced hardwoods. Additionally, they incorporate bamboo from the Anji mountains in China. Wireworks is SMETA approved (Ethical Audit), reflecting their commitment to responsible practices.

Their product range spans across bathliving, and kitchen, making them suitable for contemporary homes, workspaces, and hotels. Wireworks range includes: Bathroom cabinets, Mirrors, toilet roll holders, towel rails