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Magnetic Locks and Latches

A new trend in keeping your internal latch, passage or bathroom doors shut is to use locks which have a Magnetic latch or deadbolt in lieu of the conventional bevelled bolt for the latch or standard operating bolt for your door.  Homebits have you covered with their collection of magnetic latches, cylinder operated and bathroom locks.

This option has now been extended to incorporate magnetic locking for pocket sliding doors where a similar functionality can also be achieved.

Homebits also offers the Argenta Magnotica, a heavy duty magnetic latch catch, which keeps your door closed with various holding forces depending on the gap between the frame and the door. The Magnotica is a 'state of the art' 'Anti-ligature' latch which is designed to hold interior doors shut without the necessity for a lever handle or protruding latch - both of which can be considered ligature points; suitable for doors where high end aesthetics with simple operation is a must. Sample locations include doors in hospitals, residential care homes, retail changing rooms, bathrooms, steam rooms, sauna's, your own home, wardrobes & anywhere else that would benefit from a non protruding latch and as there are no moving parts enables it to be opened and closed in complete silence.